How to join our Outfit:

We play on Connery and are loyal TR players. The simple application is on Planetside 2 while playing the game on Connery (ESC, Social, Outfit), and look for the Pale Riders Outfit. Press request to join (apply button). It might be awhile before you are accepted depending on the number of members online or we are participating in a ferce battle. Once approve you will recieved the P4LE tag which will follow you around during the game. Battle rank of 30+ or ASP icon (rank 100+) is manditory and no exceptions, do not apply if your are lower than the required rank.

If you want the Pale Riders Outfit players to know you quickly, just post on the forum under the heading "New Player Introduction". It does not need to be long, some examples are your gaming experience, location, other interest. Old members can post too.

Wearing the P4LE tag does require to follow the Outfit rules:

* You must be Rank 30 or above (very important, Tigerr will kick you). The new ASP Icon (rank 100+) will be accepted as proof as a loyal TR player.

* You must follow the Platoon instructions and movements (we try to keep the platoon and squad map markers as current as possible during the game)

* Have an active mic is very important to communicate (not required but extremely helpful for promotion)

*  Being inactive in game play for several weeks could get you kicked from the platoon (it's important to be active in the platoon)

*  Respect other members on the team

*  No team killing. But we do realize that accidents do happen during battles when armor or sunders run over friendly players, or other situations. 

*  If you are building a Hive or Camp let the squad leader know, so you will not be considered a lone wolf. 

*  If you are squad leader, be sure to use your squad spawning beacon and smoke.

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