Hi all, not sure if this part of the forums gets checked all that regularly, but thought it probably the best place to ask the questions I wanted to.
Have been playing Planetside 2 for a few days now and am thoroughly enjoying it, so I thought I would look for an outfit to join.
I was playing on Briggs as I am from Australia, but from reading the Planetside2 Discord, the general consensus is that Briggs is a dead server and so just today I made a character on Connery to see how it would go.
I saw this outfit mentioned and saw the Australian flag as the decal in game and so it led me here in search of you as it would be great to have some Australian/NZ'ers to play with in prime time. Was hoping to find a fairly competitive group that I could learn quickly off and from a quick read it seems I may have found just that.
But, I can see on the Recruitment section that you have a strict rank requirement.
I thought I should ask here anyway as I can't see it doing any harm asking about whether I could join.
To preface, I play most games I play at a competitive level and am a quick learner. I have a level 12, 14 and 19 on Briggs and whether it means anything or not, I did buy membership.
I suppose, overall what I am hoping for is an exception to your ranking requirement as I truly hope I can learn from like minded players and be built from the ground up as an outfit player (less bad habits to break etc).
I'll be a bit disappointed but understand if you'd like to stick to your rank requirement.

Thanks for taking the time to read this either way,