Recent intel indicates a large build up of enemy forces. Most times expect enemy forces to outnumber you 4 to 1 as step out the warp gate. Bases built in friendly territory are facing attacks from multiple flail and glaive launchers.

We need to change tactics to begin using asynchronous warfare.

1. Stealth bases: place a silo in some trees and at the silo range place a hidden spawn tube. Will allow us to cross map quickly as our standard bases fall.

2. Fortify existing Orbital Strike bases by placing turrets and pain inducers in a ring around the outside of the base. Orbital strike bases are a large target for enemy forces and your turrets will get free kills while you are elsewhere.

3. Use more Liberators and Harassers to combat the enemy when platoon is under-strength.

4. Set traps using multiple explosive types - AP and AT mines work well together.

Please share here any successful guerrilla tactics you have encountered.