Hello, this is MagosTechPriestYahuaa's Alt. My main still runs Foxhound colors, but this guy is yours to do as you will. I focus primarily as support and tactical situation awareness. I rely on you lot for the strategic and logistical chit. You need me to pull 5 sundies back to back it'll be so. You want me to stab a lightning with my knife; I'll make sure it's a chainknife and rally the plebs on 'em. Just tell me what you need, and I'll throw everything I've got at it.

I use to play PlanetSide 1 as a lad, so I still have that faction loyalty shindig. TR main for life! ^^. Since 2012 running with FXHD I can offer slight training and settings tips for any newbies. Point holds, SitReps, and Siege set ups. That kind of thing. I hate Scythes and Mags with a passion, so forgive me if I start swearing up and down. I'll try to catch myself. ^^

I DO have NC (MekboyShootyBitz) and VS (B166ER) alt characters. Originally, I had them to check out their weaponry, but nowadays I just go to whoever has the least amount of pop. Holding the point against overwhelming odds is grand ^^. So, by all means shoot 'em if you see them when we're not doing Ops.